Adding Frames

Instead of slides, flowries are composed from something called frames. You can think of frames as slides but they are different. For example, frames can overlap on top of the previous frame. Enough concepts, let’s get down to business.

Circles in the right side of the screen represent frames in your flowry. You can add a new frame by clicking the plus button. Now you will get another circle with number 2 in it. Click on it to go the newly created frame.

Just like the first frame, you change background colors, insert elements in to this new frame. Play around with the new frame and see the preview. You will get the first frame in the preview as usual. To go to the next frame you just have to turn mouse scroll down or press down arrow key. When you are presenting, frames will scroll up or down. No transitions, effects or anything. Simple, eh?

You can use frames to create interesting effects or even usual slide presentation. If content in one frame cross and overlap another frame, overlapping parts are visible on the other frame.

You can stick elements to the screen so they don’t move with its frame. It is a powerful feature that you can use with frames to create interesting effects. Let’s see an example. Create something like this on the first frame and make the notepad icon stick for 1 frame.

And in the second frame create something like this. Place the text element in approximate location of the text element of first frame.

Now preview the flowry and scroll down. See, the notepad icon stays in place but texts scroll up..