Creating a Flowry

You're about to create your first flowry. Don't be nervous, let's go step by step.

First you need to register and login to Flowries. Then you need to go to My Flowries. This is where all of your Flowries are going to be.

Click New Flowry button to create a new flowry and you will get a popup dialog. Here you can specify a title for the Flowry that describes what the presentation is about. You can also select a starting template or just select an empty Flowry. Then press Create.

Now click Create and you will see your newly created flowry appear. When you hover the mouse over it, there will be two buttons to edit and view. There’s also settings button that allows you to rename, share or trash the flowry. You can experiment with them later. But now we want to edit the newly created flowry. So click the Edit button.

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