Introduction to Flowries Editor

So when you click edit on a flowry you will get this cute little editor. On the first time you will get a brief guiding tour to introduce the interface. Let’s see what each part of the Flowries editor is for.

On the center of the screen you have the canvas. This is where you insert everything that’s going to show up in the presentation. On the left side there’s the create toolbar with all the stuff from text, images to stickers and infographics that you can add to the flowry canvas.

Trying is the best way to learn things. So why don’t we try to insert something? Go ahead and click on the icon on the create toolbar which is for text elements. It will insert a text element into the canvas.

You can drag the text element with mouse and position it anywhere in the canvas. Now how do we change the text? Simple, just double click on it. Now you can type whatever you want in the text element. When you double click you will also get a quick edit toolbar on top of it. You can select a text and change its color, make bold or do the usual stuff with that toolbar.

Notice, when you select the text element the property panel on the left changes according to it. This is where you make adjustments in inserted elements. With the text element selected you can change its text color, font and size from this panel.

If you made a mistake don’t worry you can always undo from the top toolbar. You can also zoom in and out the canvas from that tool bar.

If you click on the canvas itself, property panel will show its properties. Go ahead and set a nice background color. You can even set a background image if you want.

Now, we want to preview how our flowry looks like. For that, click on the preview button on the top toolbar.

Behold the your first flowry ! Well, nothing much yet.. But that’s just the beginning.

Flowries will automatically save you flowry often. You might notice the save icon on the top tool bar animate every now and then indicating auto saving progress. You can always click the save button to force save without waiting to auto save. So click save and let’s wrap it up for this lesson.

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